How I watch my fav tv series/movies online!

Things you need:

1. A husband who will download all the tv series/movies you want.

1. A super fast internet connection. Unless you are penyabar kind of person. Tapi dulu masa zaman baru habis SPM (2009), download satu movie tunggu 6 jam pun I redha, sebab zaman tu internet memang slow pun. *Redha*


1. Download torrent.

I'm using utorrent. Link here!

How the torrent looks like after you've downloaded it.

2. Settle download torrent, now you can google your fav tv series! My fav site to download, eztv! Link here!

3. Search je any fav tv series, mostly semua ada. Mine would be Scream Queens.

Pilih je mana yang nak, then click download!

4. Wait for it.

It will display how more mins to download. Normally for one tv series, around 3-4 mins dah siap download, depends on your internet speed.

5. Download the subtitle at subscene. Link here! (Kalau pesen pekak sikit, tak dengar amenda dia cakap)


If you want to watch movies, just google --> "TAJUK MOVIE + torrent". Mesti ada banyak, then try an error je lah.  

Hope this post can benefit you guys in wasting your time menghadap laptop tengok drama! :P


  1. or you can watch it online with english subs at ! :)

  2. fmovies too ! Heeeee 😂 my favorite website to download English movies ❤

  3. tapi tak paham sangat part nak masukan subtittle tu :(